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What is Carbon Black

It is one of the vital components in manufacturing many products that we use everyday.
Carbon black in its pure form is a fine black powder formed mainly from carbon.
It is produced by partial burning and thermal decomposition, of cheap residues of petroleum products, in high temperature and the whole process under high supervision.
Carbon black is mainly used in strengthening rubber tires, pigment, UV stabilizer and as a conductor or an insulator in several types of rubber, plastic, inks and paints applications, and as well as manufacturing hoses and conveyor belts.
The basic properties of carbon black:
1- Particle size
It is measured by electronic microscope. It is the basic property that has significant impact on rubber properties, in addition of color property of carbon black. As for advanced carbon black, the smaller particles diameter increases the surface area that strengthening the tint. As for rubber, the micro particles increases reinforcement, corrosion resistance, and tensile strength.
2- Porosity
This is a basic property for carbon black that can be controlled during production process. This property affects the surface area, providing a total surface area (NSA) greater than the external surface area (STSA).
3- Surface chemistry
The oxidizing surfaces of carbon black are characterised by improving, moisturizing, and fixing pigments. Oxidation increases chemical resistance and makes the carbon color more water resisting.
Physical form:
This is important in matching carbon black with equipment used. The physical form (powder or granules) can affect the way of handling and mixing.

Small Story About us

We are the first Egyptian company to manufacture black carbon  with Egyptian hands and international specifications
We produce black carbon by burning in a high temperature reactor in isolation from the air.
By adjusting reactor conditions such as temperature, flow rates, reaction time, and reactor design.

We are able to produce a range of different black carbon grades (surface level and shape level), to meet the diverse needs of our customers during the manufacturing process to ensure that our products meet the highest quality standards.

The process of manufacturing black carbon produces gases used for the self-operation of the reactor and this to meet our internal energy needs.

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